• The Fundamentals of Taijiquan

    Introducing the Taiji Way:
    Fundamentals and Progress

    Taijiquan is a martial art developed for the purpose of increasing longevity—in other words adding years to your life and life to your years. Read More

  • The Benefits A-Z

    Benefits A-Z
    A Practice for Everyone

    Taijiquan has been carefully constructed so that anyone of any age can participate and benefit from the practice. Read more

  • Taijiquan History

    Taijiquan History
    A Martial Art Story

    Once hidden from public view, a lone master was shown the secrets, and became the most famous martial artist of his day. Read more

Lifetime Learning

Simply put Taijiquan is a set of operating instructions for moving a human body in the way optimal for a harmonious relationship with nature, especially gravity . When you practice Taijiquan, you develop a combination of physical and mental skills. Originally a powerful martial art, Taijiquan teaches you to be centered, calm, and present for any situation that arises.

Basic Skills and Requirements

From its roots in self-defense to its cultivation of longevity, you'll see an overview of what you can expect to learn when you choose to practice Taijiquan.

Focus on the Basics
Benefits from A-Z
Acquired from Practice

Taijiquan will provide you improvements in health, strengthen your body, and empower you to greater personal peace.

The Benefits of Taijiquan from A-Z
Taijiquan Forms
Unlocking the Secrets

The choreography from posture to posture is the starting point from which you will gain deeper understanding of your inner workings.

Forms Unlock the Secrets of Taijiquan