Marc Sabin

A Renaissance Life

A Renaissance Life

Marc Sabin leads an impassioned life pursuing excellence in all his activities. His ability to synthesize and relate complicated ideas makes Marc an invaluable communicator. He is a capable instructor who guides students to make discoveries through their own direct experiences. As a spiritual leader Marc provides counsel for individuals and couples making changes in their lives. As a wedding officiant, Marc helps couples celebrate their rite of passage by formalizing their marriage in a heartfelt and joyous personalized ceremony. As a businessman, Marc plays a crucial role in helping social-impact enterprises reach their interlinked goals of being economically successful and contributing to the betterment of the world.

Spiritual Pathways
Marc is known for his sensitivity, wisdom, and integrity. He excels at leading effective methods for unveiling the inner workings of the heart. He takes clients through gentle procedures to access hidden treasures that have been buried in the deepest regions of their minds. Guiding them along the investigative journey into the depths of consciousness helps unknot tangles of confusion, release bonds that no longer serve, and illuminate powerful insights. The process expands the capacity for self-acceptance, empathy, and compassion by giving people access to their own intrinsic power to be fully present. It is with a passion to help others that Marc seeks to enrich the full expression of life force in everyone he touches.

Peace Through Taijiquan
Marc teaches Taijiquan as a way of gaining freedom from the imprisoning reactions of the fight or flight response. By cultivating the ability to remain centered and calm while under stress it easier to respond appropriately to any given situation—including but not limited to physical threat. Maintaining balance physically plays a major role in keeping equilibrium emotionally and psychologically. To be in balance is to be centered with the ability to pivot in any direction. The outcome of developing a strong center is to be rewarded with a healing that brings a sense of inner peace. It turns out that the center is the place peace begins.

Theatre Arts
During Marc’s extensive career as an actor, director, and writer, he gained a profound understanding of the dynamics of human relationships. The subtle nuances of physical and vocal expression often unveil the essence of what lies between the words spoken. The research into body language and emotional psychology have given Marc a deep appreciation for interpersonal communication. Refining speaker presentation ultimately becomes an uncovering of the truth.

Business Enterprises
Marc understands the challenges of success. As a businessman, Marc plays an instrumental role in facilitating sustainability enterprises. He gleans the compelling aspects of complex technological breakthroughs, translates them into concise language, and puts them together with descriptive images. Once formulated, he executes strategies for them to be adopted in the marketplace. Marc knows what it takes to weather the trials of bringing innovations from concept to culmination. Marc has been instrumental in helping numerous entrepreneurial enterprises achieve their goals.

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The practice of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Ch'uan) enhances your quality of life. You move gently, live fully, and free yourself from fear. Defend your health from time, disease, and aggression by learning and unlearning the ways of natural movement.


Getting married is one of the most important steps you choose to take. The day is a celebration of your lives and honoring your families. My goal is to help make your wedding the perfect space to state your vows and set your intention for the future.


Being of service to others is a primary motivation. Ministering expresses itself in many forms, teaching, mentoring, counseling, and healing. So much of living is experienced in our feelings. Emotions and physical sensations are the ways we , and awareness

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