Marc Sabin



It is an honor and a joy to be asked to perform your wedding service. You are stepping into one of the most rewarding human relationships you will ever have with another person. You and your betrothed are unique individuals coming together to celebrate the uniting of your lives. The day marks a new beginning in your lives. The vows you speak on this day lay an important foundation—a powerful intention—for the lives you plan to lead.

Your wedding day is a glorious celebration of your love and commitment. Your ceremony should reflect all that it means to you to link your lives in this sacred bond. The marriage of two people creates a new entity: your family. On this special occasion you have chosen to concretize the passion of your affection into a lifelong relationship. You commit to doing the work necessary to travel the road of life together through all the unpredictable possibilities the future has in store for you. You form a partnership; you choose a mate; you promise to be there for one another. Click the link to find out about Premarital Counseling.

Wedding Award 2017

Katherine L.

We are so happy to have had the pleasure of having Rev Marc officiate our wedding. He is a kind soul with a great sense of humor and the ability to forge connections with those around him. Our ceremony was perfect. Thank you Reverend Marc for helping make our day so beautiful in so many ways!

Wedding Award 2016

Ben M.

I would not have changed anything that Reverend Marc brought into the ceremony and am deeply grateful that we found him. I would recommend him highly to anyone who wishes to add a beautiful spiritual element to their wedding. Thank you, Marc, we will always remember you!

Wedding Award 2015

Will. D

Rev Marc is such a genuine and kind-hearted person, we are incredibly lucky and grateful that he was a part of the most important day of our lives! He did an exceptional job creating the perfect ceremony for us. We were completely blown away by how our personal and meaningful ceremony.

Wedding Award 2014

Nicole S

Rev Marc was absolutely amazing! I have received so many complements about our wedding ceremony from all our guests and family. He read out loud our story that made it so personal and intimate. I had so many guests say it was the best ceremony they have ever sat through.