Counseling with Rev Marc Sabin

A Renaissance Life

Premarital Counseling

Couples about to embark on the greatest relationship journey life has to offer often confront the new challenges of establishing a family. There are many ways life changes when partners share the particulars of agreeing to step into your future hand-in-hand. You may need to adapt your ways when you interlace your finances, your bed, and your views of parenthood. All the negotiations of the marriage contract are best done when exposed to the light. Having a neutral perspective to guide the discussion toward consensus can help bring you into greater alignment with one another.

Premarital counseling is a place to explore the means of communication. With any couple there are times where difference arise. You benefit from having tools to help navigate the stormy seas and return once again to safe harbor. You can establish ways of speaking and listening that facilitate greater harmony in your home.

Three to four sessions of premarital counseling are generally adequate for most couples. In the sessions you will be able to take communication tools with you. You will leave with a clearer understanding ow hat you each need to do to provide your partner with the safety and security to build a strong foundation.

Individual Counseling

There are times when the rocky road you're traveling make it challenging to keep perspective. When you are in the throes of tumultuousness, you may feel lost or abandoned. You may find yourself losing faith, doubting the very reason for living. Or it may be that you find yourself traveling in the darkness unable to find the light.

The type of individual counseling Marc offers is spiritual in nature. It is not psychotherapy or psychiatry. Spiritual counseling is all about going deeper into the inner process to come out the other side wiser and more aware. The truth—your truth—will set you on the path to greater freedom.