About Marc Sabin

About Marc Sabin

Martial Artist

Since 1976, Marc has been—and still is—a student of the martial arts. He earned his first black belt in Chinese Kempo from Sifu Al Thomas at the School of the White Tiger in Oakland, CA. He was awarded a second black belt in Chinese Ch’uan Fa from Sifu John Wong at the Wu Shing Tai Chi School in Fairfield, CA. He trained in Serrada Escrima with grandmaster Angel Cabales from whom he obtained the rank of Guro. His serious study of Taijiquan began under the tutelage of John Wong beginning in 1985. He continued under the guidance of Bill Chin at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park Tai Chi Ch'uan starting from 1992-1997. He studied privately and in groups with Bruce Kumar Frantzis in San Anselmo, CA. In 1996, he met Patrick Lee who opened the door to Chen Taijiquan. He continued with Sifu Lee through 2004. Throughout his studies he has sought out and learned from a variety of masters including, Adam Mizner, Liang Dehua, Chen Zhonghua, Chen Qing Zhou, Chen Youze, Stuart Alve Olson, Wally Jay, Master Ha, and Professor Lieh. As a martial arts instructor, Marc has been teaching since 1980. He was the chief instructor at Vortex Taijiquan in New York City from 1998 until 2007. He ran the program at the 92nd Street Y, the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute as well as conducting classes throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn New York. He is currently teaching Taijiquan at Hudson Valley Tai Chi in Cold Spring, Beacon, Peekskill and New York City.

Healing and Ministerial Works

In 2004 Marc was ordained as an interfaith minister. Marc performs weddings, provides spiritual counseling, and giving inspirational talks. His evolution into spiritual leader came about quite naturally from Marc’s approach to his work in the martial arts. Perceiving that conflict and fear govern much human interaction, he has investigated the psychological and emotional consequences of untrained and instinctual behaviors. Conflict resolution requires both presence of mind and the ability to think critically in the midst of stressful situations. As a healer, Marc has helped to guide clients through major life transitions by contextualizing the past, helping to resolve traumas, and guiding people into a productive acceptance of their lives. His work is based upon linking spiritual practice with Taiji.

Business Life

Marc has served in leadership and management roles throughout his working career. He possesses a unique combination of skills he uses to synthesize complex ideas into digestible communications. He applies a variety of presentational skills and aesthetic sensitivities in service of his client’s business objectives. Marc distills a comprehensive understanding of clients’ operations into concise, relevant communications necessary for their customers and/or investors.

Marc plays an instrumental role in a ventures around the world working on climate repair. Bringing innovations to solve the damage done to our air, water and land with partners in local communities around the world. With keen attention to addressing the United Nations Sustainability Goals, the breakthroughs being implemented support the people by transforming waste into environmental restorative resources. He is instrumental in formulating strategic plans for bringing local solutions to global problems.

Theatre Career

His theatrical career began with the founding of the not-for-profit Prysm Theater Company in Berkeley, California in 1976. Since that time his original productions have played at festivals in theaters in the United States and Great Britain. An effective collaborator, Marc connects to the writer’s creative inspiration, mining the depth of their work and bringing their vision to life. His support for writers guides them through the sometimes-arduous, multi-stage process of rewriting until together they reach a satisfactory completion, at times. staging a first production.


Marc earned his Baccalaureate degree from Sonoma State University and his Masters of Fine Arts from San Francisco State. After moving to New York City, he completed the Seminary course at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and was ordained in 2004 where he delivered the commencement address at Saint John the Divine.

Personal Life

Marc lives with his two daughters in Cold Spring New York. His eclectic interests have guided his life in both his career and his commitment to serve the greater good for the community, environment, and the world. Bearing in mind that contributions happen one person at a time, Marc has spent his life in service and continues to pursue excellence in all his endeavors.