The Ministry of Marc Sabin

A Renaissance Life

Linking Hearts to Minds and Minds to Action

Reverend Marc Sabin came to the ministry through his work as a teacher and mentor. It emerged out of his lifelong pursuit of cultivating peace through compassionate works. As a boy, Marc visited a variety of churches and synagogues. Although he was never attracted to organized religious practices, his interest in faith and the invisible influences began early in his life. Then as a teenager, he was first introduced to the practice of contemplation through meditation. It was when he discovered Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching that Marc found a philosophy that spoke to his deep connection to the natural world, its rhythms and ways. This powerful book laid the groundwork for what would become his lifetime practice in Taijiquan, a martial and civil art: is the ultimate physical realization of the philosophy.

The way to live a life oriented toward peace is challenging. Maintaining equilibrium is a key component to finding and fulfilling the meaning and purpose of being human. It helps develop a sound understanding of oneself. By maintaining balance one can access inner wisdom—even in the face of great challenges. When interacting in relationship to others, equilibrium provides a foundation for the best possible outcome while weathering life's unpredictable nature. Personal evolution toward the highest good involves consistent self-improvement. For those willing co-travelers who wish to unravel the web of entanglements to resolve the past and open the future into a more satisfying and rewarding life is the compelling reason for Marc's dedication to being of service.

The gift of life provides each person opportunities to contribute to the betterment of the world. Taking responsibility for that gift requires willingness and effort. The role of a minister is to help others reach their potential, to seek out the good in life, to fulfill a meaningful role in the world. Becoming a more loving person who finds ways to be inclusive can be challenging in the face of life's tougher moments. To be a minister is to be willing to help others through the tough times, to celebrate the wonderful times, and to keep them both in perspective. Click this link if you would like to find out about Spiritual Counseling.

Read Rev Marc's book, The Tao of Peace.