"Awakening Minds, Opening Hearts, Inspiring Action"

Teaching Others To Access Their Authentic Personal Power

The Tao Of Peace
a compelling work of
spiritual wisdom

now available in hardback
The Tao Of Peace

and paperback
The Tao Of Peace


Minister Marc Sabin

Realize your dreams, resolve old issues, heal old pains,

remove the obstructions to greater compassion, free yourself from unwanted fear, and

accelerate your journey on the Way into the depths of your own evolution.

Unite Mind Body And Spirit

A Ministry For Humanity

Through his ministry of spirituality, creativity, and compassion, Reverend Marc exemplifies the gentle strength that comes from a radiant and compassion filled joy.

"Fear is a prison. We become free when we transform fear into love. Now is the time to draw inspiration from the similarities that unite us as human beings, to repsect the differences that make us unique and to activate our lives as ambassadors of kindness.

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Messages to Heal

Unite Mind, Body and SpiritMinister Messages to Heal

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